Expert Oncology Education Overview Knowledge, Confidence, Credibility

EOE is a foundational, oncology program that provides a medical school level education for representatives and medical science liaisons. The goal is to raise the overall understanding of cancer care in order to improve the quality of the interactions between oncologists and the pharmaceutical companies.

We believe there is real value in learning oncology by starting with the molecular basis of cancer through topics in patient management. Gaining this knowledge will help to put a given product in context and provide a better understanding of the choices and options that doctors and patients face.

Online Experience-based Learning

Expert Oncology Education (EOE) program delivers experience-based learning through a leveraged online format. Each lecture is designed by physicians and taught at a medical school level. Core concepts are introduced in didactic fashion and then illustrated and reinforced via case study style examples. Tumor specific and/or treatment specific examples are used to illustrate real world examples of the didactic teaching.

EOE is neither sales training nor does it feature product specific education. Instead, it is designed to complement your firm's internal training and education programs.

EOE is a combination of self-study didactic content and self-administered review exams supplemented by virtual Grand Rounds sessions during which a Board Certified Oncologist leads interactive case studies.

While we describe the EOE program as "foundational" it is not simple, basic, introductory level material. The broad based content is designed by KOLs to provide a well-rounded education that will increase confidence, credibility and raise the level of discourse for sales, marketing and MSL staff.