Program Details Representative Certification

The recent tightening of regulations has made selling to healthcare professionals more challenging than ever. With health systems restricting access, and formularies and budgets being limited, sales representatives and clinical support staff need a competitive edge.

Certified Cardiovascular Industry Representative (CCIR) Course

Sales representatives and clinical support staff can enhance their medical and procedural knowledge by taking Clinical Difference's CCIR course.

After completing the CCIR course, representatives will have a comprehensive understanding of the devices and technology currently in use and be able to communicate more effectively -- and confidently -- with physicians. They will also be able to more precisely present physician feedback to their companies' medical affairs, healthcare economics, and R&D departments.

The CCIR combines home study with live e-learning opportunities. The course can be customized to your reps' particular needs.

What does CCIR Include?

Web-Based Training

Six eLearning modules covering 26 key topics in cardiovascular medicine. Topics range from a Cardiac Anatomy Primer to Reimbursement and Regulations.

Virtual Classroom

Live video conferences with interventional physicians who review information learned within each program and present case studies.

Knowledge Assessments

Comprehensive topic checkpoints and a final exam encompassing all six programs.


The CCIR curriculum consists of six learning programs, covering topics which may include:

Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiac Anatomy Primer
The Clinical Spectrum of Heart Disease
CAD and Risk Factors Primer
Evaluation of Chest Pain and Evidenced Based Decision Making
Invasive Diagnostic Evaluation of CAD
Coronary Intervention
Review of Equipment
Coronary Stent Systems
Patient & Lesion Variables Affecting PCI
Vascular Access & Closure
Recognition and Management of Complications
Acute Coronary Syndromes and Interventional Pharmacology
Clinical Recognition
Vascular Biology and Interventional Pharmacology
Approaches to Patients with ACS
Clinical Profiles in AC
Peripheral and Carotid Artery Disease
Peripheral Arterial Disease
Arterial Disease of the Lower Extremities
Renal and Mesenteric Arterial Disease
Abdominal Aortic Disease
Carotid, Vertebral, & Subclavian Arterial Disease
Structural Heart Disease
Cath Lab Evaluation of Valvular Heart Disease and Cardiac Shunts
Transcatheter Closure of Atrial Septal Defect
Structural Heart Disease: PFO
Percutaneous Approaches to Valvular Heart Disease: Alternative Approaches
Medical Literature and Regulations
Interpretation of Medical Literature
Landmark Trials
Reimbursement and Regulations

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