Oncology Consortium A Strategic Partnership

Oncology Consortium

Expert Oncology Education is created through a partnership with Oncology Consortium. Oncology Consortium is led by its Executive Director Dr. E. Roy Berger.

Oncology Consortium is a strategic medical communications company focused in oncology with specialized divisions covering all malignancies. The company is owned and operated solely by physicians with Key Opinion Leaders managing each division.

Bringing Clinical Data to Life

Oncology Consortium provides interactive, engaging educational programs and presentations that bring clinical data to life. Key Opinion Leaders manage each of the separate divisions which are focused on a specific oncology sub-specialty. Oncology Consortium marries disease and therapeutic expertise with creative medical communications skills.

Core Offerings

Core offerings include product and disease specific slide decks which are designed for a wide range of uses including by Symposium Speakers, in Scientific Presentations, Online Webinars, and Continuing Medical Education.

For more information on Oncology Consortium contact Dr. E. Roy Berger.